Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Feasting

What better to feast on during the holiday season than good food and good books. Today, we'll be talking about both with author Rachel Brimble. She's guest # two on this second week of The Wilder Roses Blog Tour. So check out the tour for info on how to win some great prizes.

At the end of the tour, I'll be giving a way The Man of My Dreams-- a candle from Celebrating Homes. To be entered to win, post a comment about the man of your dreams OR a favorite holiday food or recipe. To see other blogs and rules for other chances to win, visit:

Now, here's Rachel, to tell us about her favorite Christmas foods.

My Favorite Christmas Food – Yum!

Hmm…where to start??

In the UK we tend to start eating for Christmas WAY before the actual date appears, I wonder if it’s the same for you guys in the US? We don’t have Thanksgiving as you probably know so the decorations are up in the shops in November without fail, as though reminding us all the big day is approaching lest we forget.

I love everything about Christmas and always try to get my shopping done as early as possible so I can enjoy the festivities rather than buckle under the stress! So in comes the food with no thought or care for calories, weight gain or fitting into my favorite Christmas outfit.

And best of all is I am not the cook in our house (I am thirty-six years old and have never cooked a roast dinner in my life, how shameful is that?), my lovely husband is so I prepare all the vegetables and potatoes for him on Christmas Eve and on the actual day leave everything to him, while I nurse a ice-cold glass of Chablis. Perfection!

So what are my favorite Christmas foods? Well, why don’t I give you my dream menu?


Prawn Cocktail or Lentil Soup


Turkey dinner with all the trimmings!! Roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, sausage wrapped in bacon, cabbage and I’m even a fan of the dreaded sprouts!!


Raspberry Pavlova or Crème Brulee

Finished With

Cheese with Cranberries and biscuits

Oh, bring on Christmas right now! I want it all, ha ha!

And of course, I have a pretty good idea what my heroes and heroines would love to eat too!

Lily and Andrew (The Arrival Of Lily Curtis) are in Victorian England so it would be a very traditional British Christmas with maybe raw oysters or pea soup to start, traditional dinner with roast potatoes and vegetables, but more likely than not, the meat would have been goose or turkey…and to finish would have most definitely have been plum pudding.

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As for Lisa and Aaron (Transatlantic Loving)? Well, Aaron is American so I’d love to hear about what you guys in the states tend to traditionally eat at Christmas – do you just have your turkey at Thanksgiving? I’ve never been sure if you repeat it again on Christmas Day! And Lisa is a bit of a traditional girl like me so I’m thinking her ideal Christmas menu wouldn’t look too dissimilar to mine. Good girl!

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So over to you! What are your favorite Christmas foods???

As an American who loves the holidays, I can tell you that we do Turkey on both Thanksgiving and Christmas. There's also nothing better than a good Christmas ham. And on my mom's table, there may not be raw oysters but we do have oyster stew. Yum.

And for those readers who think Rachel's books sound as yummy as her dinner menu, here's a bit more about her and her fabulous romance novels:

Rachel lives with her husband and two young daughters in a small town near Bath in the UK.  Having always believed there’s someone for everyone, Rachel started writing her own tales of love once her children were at school.  Since then, she’s had several books published with The Wild Rose Press, Eternal Press and Lyrical Press.  She aspires to secure an agent in the near future.  A member of the Romantic Novelists Association and Romance Writers of America, Rachel cannot imagine her life without romance or writing!
When she isn’t writing, you’ll find Rachel with her head in a book or walking the beautiful English countryside with her family.  And in the evening?  Well, a well-deserved glass of wine is never, ever refused…

Blurb – Transatlantic Loving, Class of ‘85
In a desperate bid to escape the bitter reality of her children accepting her ex-husband’s new – and younger – fiancée, Lisa Cavendish travels from the UK to accompany her friend to a high school reunion.  Forced to dress as Madonna in her hey day, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with the school’s coach, who seems to hold as much regard for his child as her ex did when he walked out…
Aaron Taylor can’t believe his eyes or ears when he is introduced to Lisa – sexy and funny, she has no idea how her accent enhances the heartbreaking wait he endures waiting for his daughter to call him back to the UK.  But after spending just three short weeks with Lisa, he sees the answer to his pain in the eyes of the most phenomenal British lady he has ever met…

So, what are you going to feast on this holiday season?


  1. That glass of Chablis sounds good. Is it too early to join you in one?

  2. Romy,
    I don't know what Rachel's answer will be but I just got home from work and am pouring a glass of Merlot!

  3. Rachel, your post made me hungry! And I thought Bath was one of the loveliest areas I'd ever seen.

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Your Christmas dinner is positively droolsworthy, can I come over and share some of it?
    PS I don't cook either, but hubby loves cooking thank goodness.



  5. Rachel, I am drooling just thinking about your Christmas Dinner.
    Both books sound like great reads. I love romance novels, especially Victorian English ladies.
    Lilly, My late husband made the best oyster stew for me often in the wintertime. I am ready for The PARTY.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  6. Great to hear from you all! Isn't the food one of the best things about Christmas? Just love that we can eat what we want, when we want, without any of the guilt, bliss!

    Oh, and's always time for Chablis, Christmas or not! LOL! That doesn't make me sound very good, does it??

    Caroline, I LOVE Bath - I never tire of it and it is literally on my doorstep (20 minute drive). It is a beautiful, beautiful place.


  7. I'm ready for Christmas now. Or at least Christmas dinner. LOL