Monday, June 1, 2009

Out of the Darkness

The Blurb:

Her research could cure his dark hunger if a covert government agent doesn’t get to her first.

Vincent Maxwell is a vampire with a conscience searching for a cure to his dark hunger. But when a scientist looking to create vampire soldiers captures and kills a fellow vampire, Vincent seeks out Dr. Megan Harper.

While researching xeroderm pigmentosum, a light sensitivity disorder, Dr.Harper discovered a link to vampirism and she could hold a key to a cure and the answers to Gerard’s death. But getting close to the beautiful scientist could endanger both their lives.

When researcher Dr. Megan Harper meets Vincent Maxwell, she believes he suffers from xeroderma pigmentosum, the genetic disease that killed her sister. Sensing a deep loneliness within the handsome man, Megan offers friendship and access to her research files hoping he will offer her a position in his company. But they soon become more than friends and Megan learns the horrifying truth. She's entered the dark and unseen world of vampires and Vincent is her only hope of survival.


  1. good luck with TWRP - I have my 3rd book beiing pubbed with TWRP - they're a very professional company - good job with your blog - come visit mine too (although I don't write paranormal but rather gritty RS) - judi writing as lynn romaine (

  2. Congrats on your contract, Lily! Your story sounds great. And congrats on making the leap to blogdom.

  3. Congrats on your sale (I love being part of the garden at Wild Rose) and with your blog! It's a whole new world out there for you now! Good luck!

  4. Congrats, and welcome to the blog world! It's pretty overwhelming when you kick off, isn't it?? :-) Your book is intriguing - and as a paranormal fan I have to say I look forward to the release. :-) Best of luck, and welcome to the Garden! TWRP is an awesome place to be. Visit me if you'd like at or Congrats again!!!

  5. Hi Lily,
    Congratulations on your contract. Isn't it just the greatest thrill? I have four books out with TWRP and another one due out next year. This is a great place to be.
    Wait until you receive your cover, I know you will be thrilled with it.